RMMS understands the importance of being compliant and that compliance is crucial to the Delaware medical industry. Maintaining the highest possible standards concerning our compliance in everything that we do ensures that each detail of our work will be handled with compliance in mind.

We take every precautionary step necessary to make sure that our staff is up to date on changes to state, federal, and payor services. It guarantees that you will not see an interruption of services and that you can constantly rely on us to meet your needs at every turn. For physicians, we offer Provider Education using various tools at our disposal to help educate you and your staff about compliance and patient care.

Audits and quality checks could make or break your practice at the end of the day. RMMS focuses on all areas of processing from data entry to claims follow-up. That data is processed and reported back to you. Feedback can be very beneficial and help improve the quality of work and billing that your staff produces.

RMMS would like to provide you with the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals so that your business can grow with you.

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